Small grocery trip - Aldi and Sam's Club

Yesterday, Nathan watched the girls for me while I went to get a few groceries. It was so peaceful. (He said I probably would stay out for hours because I would enjoy the peacefulness too much. Lol)

When I came home after being gone for a little over an hour, Nathan yelled, "she came back!" Lol. He is crazy.

Anyways, I stopped at Aldi and Sam's club for a few things.

- 2 Rotisserie chickens $4.88 each
- 2 (2 lb) pkgs. of strawberries $3.48 each
- Bananas $1.36

- 2 bags of apples $1.99 each
- 2 bags spinach $0.99 each
- half and half $1.49
- pumpkin spice creamer $0.99
- 3 bell peppers $1.49
- tomatoes on the vine $0.99

Total spent: $29 plus tax.

When I got home, I let the chickens cool a little (they had just came out of the oven when I got them) and pulled them apart. I was able to get enough chicken for at least 8 different meals that serve 4-6 people. Awesome!!

Chicken pot pie, chicken tacos, chicken on the bone and chicken salad.


I was also able to pick up 3 cartons of rice milk for free plus overage at Target with the $2 off 1 Facebook coupon (no longer available).

Did you get any deals this week?!

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