30 Day House Cleaning Challenge Update - Day 23

I totally meant to complete today's challenge plus my list from yesterday but it did not happen. Today's challenge was vacuuming and sweeping every room in your house. 

This would have been very easy for me. But at the last minute, the girls and I decided to run an errand. 

I may have not vacuumed but I did set out items to get rid of from my kitchen! 

Take a look! 

I set out a lot of stuff! 47 items!!!

All from my kitchen! Can you believe that?!

I have sold 1 set of plates, the shelf and glass cake stand! Total earned $9 Not too bad!

I may have a small yard sale next weekend. I know I can come up with more items in our home that we could sell.

I am trying to become more of a minimalist like my husband.

It is hard!

I love to collect things!

But I am doing it.

This money will go towards birthdays that are coming up. one in may and two in june!

Have you tried selling items in your home?

How did you do?


  1. I have been working towards minimalism too - and it is hard! Good for you for being on the journey!

    1. It seems like it would be easy but in the end it is not! But I am going to try! Good luck to you too!


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