Major May Challenge!

This is going to be a huge challenge for our family.

We have money for groceries each month - I try to stay under $200 for food for everyone. 2 adults and 2 kiddos.

I went over our budget this month to stock up on items and we gave some of the stockpile away. I think I spent $50 over but i am okay with that.

The closet (our pantry) is full. The cupboards are full. The freezers are full.

What is the challenge?

Spend as little money on groceries as we can in the month of May!

I have been reading two new blogs (well new to me) and I know that this is totally possible.

One Hundred Dollars A Month

The Prudent Homemaker

These ladies are amazing. They provide for there family with little.

I know I will have to get creative towards the end but I am excited.

Last night at the dinner table I told this to Nathan and he said he LOVES challenges like this! lol

He works for a Christian non profit organization as the Controller. Simply - he handles the budget!

I am excited to see how we do.

I will be posting each week of anything we have to purchase, what our meals will be and any other ways we are saving money.

I want to live a simpler life.

God has blessed us so much. I want to be a good steward.

Will you join me in this challenge?

It will start May 1st.

One month.

Your pantry, fridge and freezer.

Let me know!


  1. Good luck on your goal! You already amaze me! Our budget is $280-300 for 4 of us but we often go over. I don't know how you do it :)

  2. Good luck! Pantry challenges are my fave. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Go Carlye!! You will totally do this and make it look so easy.

    Stephanie @ http://www.thestyledsoul.com

    1. Thanks Stephanie! I don't know about easy. haha


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