30 Day House Cleaning Update - Day 26 thru Day 28

Sorry for the late update on this past weekend. I ended up having to clean the entire house because we went away Friday night and Saturday.

We went to Toccoa, Ga to meet our nephew and celebrate our sister in law's birthday! Our nephew is about 1 month old so we really needed to meet him!

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Hailey cleaning the kitchen floor (her new chore.)

Playing hide and seek in Aunt Bekah's cabinet. 

Bekah opening some of her presents! 

Uncle Nathan holding Ethan! 

Uncle David and Little Miss Harper! 

Hailey spending time with Ethan. She loves her cousin.

Ethan and I. i held him as soon as i could! 

Little Miss Harper on the way home Saturday night!
Our trip was so much fun. 

It was also nice to come home on Saturday night to a clean home! Everything was swept or vacuumed, all surfaces dusted and all toys put away! 

The only thing that i did not get to finish was the laundry but that is what I did yesterday! Only two small loads of laundry left to do! 

How did you do over the weekend? Did you get your cleaning done or did you take a break to enjoy your free time? 

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