MoneySavingMom's Clutter Busting Challenge - Day One!

Today is the start of the new challenge for May over at Moneysavingmom.com! Crystal has challenged us to get rid of 7 things each day for the entire month!

I told my husband last night about the challenge and of course, he was SO excited that I decided to join in! He is a minimalist - I am not.

The main thing for me is to focus on what we need to have in the house and what we really do not. I love to keep things because of the memories but I know that is not very practical.

Tonight, I decided to start in our bedroom.

I organized my entire dresser and part of the closet.

I have 60 items to give away - clothing,  shoes, magazines, bag and a binder.

Last week, I posted items from my kitchen to get rid of (sell.) I believe it was about 48 items.

With all the items I will be getting rid of, I am going to try to sell what I can. The money will go toward the birthday parties coming up. 

Harper - turning one on May 23rd

Hailey - turning three on June 23rd

Nathan - turning thirty on June 24th

That is a lot of big deal birthdays!! I am trying to keep them simple but amazing! 

How did you do today?! Are you joining in the challenge? 

I must say, I feel great! 

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