Awesome Target and Publix Trip!

I noticed my stockpile was getting pretty low so when I saw all the amazing deals I could get at Target and Publix - I was excited! It took a little planning and printing but it was so worth it.

Monday is when Jenny from Southern Saversposts the new upcoming ad for Publix so I started there. Then I realized I had not looked what they had for the current week. I am glad I looked because I was able to get a nice haul. {i was able to print from a few computers.}

Monday night - printing and clipping coupons. Tuesday - printing, clipping, organizing and planning while the kiddos took naps.

The girls and I headed out to the stores after dinner. Hailey was excited because she loves to coupon. haha She is my girl for sure. She even had her own purse with her list and coupons. (they were expired but it was so cute.)

Target was the first store we stopped at. I was afraid I wasn't going to get everything on my list but I was able to. And my cashier (a young man - best ones to go to. lol) was great. Everything went smoothly.
- (4) 8 pk. Juicy Juice Fruitables 
- (4) Coffee Mate Creamers 
- (4) Pampers Wipes 
- (1) Almay Eyeshadow 
- (3) Clorox Wipes To Go 
- (1) Mnt. Dew Kick Start

Coupons Used: 

- (4) $1 off Juicy Juice printable (from their website)
- (2) $1 off 2 Juicy Juice Target printable (from target.com/coupons)
- (4) $0.75 off Coffee Mate Creamers (from their website)
- (2) $1 off 2 Coffee Mate Target printable 
- (4) $0.50 off 1 Pampers printable (from coupons.com)
- (1) $4 off Almay newspaper coupon 4/14 SS
- (1) $1 off Almay Target printable
- (3) $0.75 off 1 Clorox printable 
- (1) $1 off 3 Clorox Target printable 
- (1) $1 off Mnt. Dew Kick Start printable (mojosavings.com had link)

Total Due: $8.20 plus tax

Total Saved: $28.37 or 78% 

I was so excited that everything went so smoothly - I called my Nana! lol After, Target we headed to Publix. My favorite store to get deals! 

- (2) Caribou Coffee
- (6) Cherrios 
- (2) Smart Balance Butters
- (1) Cilantro
- (6) Kraft Fresh Takes
- (3) Velveeta Casserole Mixes
- (10) Welch's Fruit Snacks
- (3) Edy's Fruit Bars
- (5) Sunlight Dish Soap
- (1) Gallon Whole Milk
- (1) Apple Fritter (my dessert when we got home)

Coupons Used: 

- (2) $2 off Caribou Coffee newspaper coupon
- (6) $0.50 off Cherrios in the yellow box printable (coupons.com)
- (2) $0.75 off Smart Balance printable
- (2) $2 off Smart Balance Publix coupon (Basket of Savings book)
- (6) $1 off Kraft Fresh Takes printable (coupons.com)
- (3) $1 off Velveeta Casserole printable
- (5) $1 off 2 Welch's Fruit Snacks newspaper coupon
- (1) $1.10 off 3 Edy's Fruit Bars printable
- (1) $2 off 2 Edy's Fruit Bar Target printable
- (5) $1 off Sunlight Product printable (coupons.com)

Total Spent: $37.12 plus tax

Total Saved: $96.13 or 72% 

When I got home, I noticed that 2 of the Kraft Fresh Takes were expired so I called the store. I spoke with the lady I checked out with and she told me that I could bring them back and they would refund me the money for them plus give me 2 for free! 

I will get back $2.99 plus tax and get 2 Kraft Fresh Takes for FREE! Publix has the best customer service ever! 

Total Spent after refund: $34.13 plus tax

Total Saved after 2 FREE products: $99.12 or 74%

The girls are now stocked up on cereal and fruit snacks for awhile and I have coffee and fruit bars! Plus I have things to make our dinners even better! Love having my stockpile - this will keep my grocery budget lower in the months to come! 

Did you get any great deals?! 

Oh and I have my Publix shopping trip for tomorrow planned out already. I will be getting yogurt, pasta, juice, oatmeal and rice...oh and maybe another apple fritter! That was so delicious! 


  1. Please teach me your ways wise one! I am always so impressed.

    Stephanie @ thestyledsoul.com


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