$50 Grocery Challenge - Month of May

If you read last week, I am having a grocery challenge.

I am challenging myself to see if I can stay under $50 for groceries (food) for the whole month of May.

I have told some of my family and friends - they say I am crazy but if anyone can do it...I can! I am loving the encouragement. it has really helped me to keep my confidence up.

Tonight, I took the girls out to dinner since Nathan is still out of town and I was not feeling very well today. (No cleaning or cooking took place - cold cereal for breakfast and noodles with fruit for lunch.)

Earth Fare has a special going on every Thursday 4-8 pm - up to 6 kids eat free when 1 adult purchases a $5 or more entree! How awesome is that?

Hailey asked for pizza which came with a side of fruit, a side of veggies and a bottled water.

Harper got Mediterranean Pasta Salad, side of fruit, side of veggies and a bottled water - she did not eat any of hers - I tried to feed her and she threw the bites on the floor.

I had the most amazing sandwich ever! Birds the Word - turkey, cheddar cheese, guacamole, sprouts, tomatoes and a lemon garlic mayo - DELICIOUS! This was served with a side of chips plus I ate Harper's fruit and veggies and water. lol All this cost me was $5.58 after tax!!!

Back to the grocery challenge - this will only consist of food purchases. I have separate budgets for toiletries and going out to eat.

Our first stop, Target! I was happy to have learned about the $1 off produce mobile coupons - this made for very cheap food! 

2 Rice Vinegars 1.29 each
2 Flip Flops (may give as gifts) 1.18 each
1 Kid's Shoes (Hailey needed new shoes) 4.98
3 Bounce Dryer Sheets (34 ct.) 1.97 each
2 Large Sweet Potatoes .89 each
2 Packs Strawberries 1.99 each
1 Bag Carrots .99 

Coupons Used: 

(2) $2 off flip flop Target printable (gave me overage) 
(2) $1 off Kikkoman Coupons.com printable
$3 off 3 Bounce Target coupon (from the newspaper)
$3 off 3 Bounce newspaper coupon (P&G 4/28)
(2) $1 off fruit produce (mobile text message)
(1) $1 off vegetable produce (mobile text message) 

Total Spent: $7.58 plus tax

Total Saved: $25.63 or 77%

Publix was next - I was returning the 2 Kraft Fresh Takes that were expired when I bought them. I was able to exchange them with new ones PLUS I was refunded $6.34!!! Awesome! 
I purchased 4 Digiorno Pizzas for only $1.79 since I received the $6.34 back!! 

Coupons Used: 

$5 off $20 purchase of Nestle products - Target printable
(4) $2 off Digiorno Pizzeria - Facebook printable (used two computers)

Total Spent: $0.66 plus tax!!! 

Total Saved: 22.16 or 96% 

Publix has the best customer service ever! 

{As I was trying to leave, I could not find my keys! I have to admit - I was freaking out! I apologized to Hailey for stressing out but it took me over 5 minutes to find them! Praise the Lord I found them though!} 

Walmart was the last stop. I realized we were out of toilet paper and almost out of baby wipes. 

{The girl I babysit for (my friend) brought me a roll of toilet paper since we ran out before I could get to the store!} 

1 Head of Lettuce (price matched to Aldi .69)
3 Folgers Instant Coffee 1.00 each
4 Frosted Mini Spooners 1.00 each
2 Eco Tools .87 each
3 Baby Wipes .98 each
1 Great Value Toilet Paper 7.24 
4 Poise Wash 2.97 each

Coupons Used: 

(2) BOGO Spooners Cereal (took $2 off)
(3) $1.50 off any Folgers Coffee (overage of $1.50)
(2) $1 off any Eco Tools (overage of .26)
(4) $3 off any Poise (overage of .12) 

I used the overage to pay for the food. The toilet paper and wipes go in another category. 

Total Spent: $10.99 plus tax

Total Saved: $20.10 or 65% 

I only spent a total of $6.08 from the food budget! This does include tax, as well! I love that I can use the overage from other products to pay for food we will use! Fruit, veggies and cereal plus coffee!! 

Total Left For the Month: $43.92 

I know I will need milk for Hailey (2.99) and we are splitting a Fruit/Vegetable Box from a local farmer which will cost about $23.50 per family. 

I will be looking for other ways to get free foods for our family to eat if we need anything but the goal is also to clean out the pantry. 

I would like to start from scratch next month. Changing a little of our eating habits and focusing on what deals we actually use the most. 

Would you like to join?! 

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