Clutter Busting Challenge - Day #3

Today was uneventful as far as getting rid of items. I was able to find 7 to sell/giveaway - there were some things I threw away (papers, old bill statements, breast pump accessories.)

I also gave my mother in law a set of bed sheets - we used these last summer when we went to the beach. Somehow they came home with us. :)

  • Kre-O Transformers Lego Set - this was for a little boy I babysat in the summer. 
  • Bracelet - from a toy elephant
  • Door Stoppers - given in a baby proofing set for the kitchen doors and drawers
  • Martha Speaks cd
  • Family First DVD
  • Dry Erase Menu Board - I saw a chalkboard at Home Goods that I would like to get to hang up. 
  • Pillow - goes to a play mat (when the baby has tummy time) 

These items all came from one of the dressers in the playroom. I was going to tackle the bedroom closet and/or the playroom closet (used for storage - jam packed) but it is a two person job. Thankfully, my husband is now home!

How did you do today? Were you able to get rid of 7 things or did you go above and beyond?

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