Quick Grocery Stop - May 3

Today is a special day.

It is my husband and I's 5 year anniversary! 

He did not return from California until 10:30 tonight.

His parents are amazing! 

Why you might ask? They took me and the girls out to dinner to celebrate plus give me a little time to myself!

I was able to eat a nice dinner at Chick Fil A (Hailey's favorite place to eat...other than Sam's Club), return napkin rings at Kohl's (received $6.65 back), met with my friend Lynne to purchase my bridesmaids dress and make a quick stop to Dollar Tree.

I was so glad I stopped there to check to see what name brand products they have. I even shared more information to a woman who is starting to coupon. It was great.

I first saw the woman looking at her coupon pouch and remembered I had coupons for Malt o' Meal Spooners Cereal (BOGO printed from coupons.com.) I had 2 left to use so I grabbed 4 bags.

Total Spent: $2.00 plus tax

Total Saved: $9.92 or 83%

These bags retail for $2.98 at Walmart!!! Only $1 at Dollar Tree plus used coupons - AMAZING!

Now you are probably wondering about the grapefruit. Don't they look yummy?

These came from a sweet lady in our neighborhood. She recently returned from a trip to visit her sister in Arizona - while there she picked grapefruits and gave some to the neighborhood for FREE!

I emailed her today and asked if she would save me some and she did! She is so sweet! I picked them up on my way home for my in laws.

Total Spent This Month On Groceries: $8.23 


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