Clutter Busting Challenge - Day 10


Every day in the month of May, you are to get rid of 7 things. They can be big or small. You can donate, recycle, sell or throw away...your choice! 

I was not home on Friday (weekend getaway - post coming tomorrow) so this was done tonight. 

- 24 glasses/cups
- 4 oven mitts
- 4 plates
- 4 bowls
- apron
- casserole dish (lost the lid)
- 3 straws (thrown away)
    - large measuring cup
    - 2 plastic lids
    - 2 bm storage containers (thrown away)
    - 2 bath towels
    - makeup 
    - lotions/sunscreen
    - buttons
    - misc. items

I was able to get rid of 51 items!!! Plus there were some misc. items that I just threw away - no picture. That is awesome in my book! 

We got new drinking glasses $3.99 for 6 x 2 and silverware $8.99 for 20 pc x 3 from Ikea yesterday. I put all of the silverware in a bag to sell at the yard sale. 

Now I just need to figure out how to store all of these items for the yard sale. I am still working on clearing a space for all of the items! 


  1. I love IKEA! Good luck with your yard sale. When are you planning on having it?

    Here is what I have today (Day 13)

  2. IKEA is so awesome - all the things we purchased fit so much better with our home and they take up less space.

    I am planning on having it the first weekend in June. We are using the money for birthday parties for my daughter and husband. :D I hope it goes well.


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