Clutter Busting Challenge Day 4-6

{The Clutter Busting Challenge is from Crystal at Moneysavingmom.com  - each day in the month of May you are to get rid of 7 items in your home. If you have a blog, you can link up each day to her website so others can check out what you are doing. love it!}

Every time I sat down to write this post...I got distracted. Kids needed something, Nathan had some free time to spend with me (love this time) or I remembered something I needed to do - laundry, dishes, cook dinner. There seems to always be something.

I do love the interruptions though...I like to be needed. What mom doesn't?

I was still able to go through the house and find items to put in the yard sale pile or throw away pile.

Day Four:

- 4 cookbooks
- 1 can cosy (sp?)
- 8 random kitchen items
Day Five:

- baby blanket
- baby towel
- baby swing cover (in between blanket & towel)
- pampered chef steamer
- 4 magazines
- new believers bible
- baby einstein cd
- pyrex dish
- popcorn bowl
- fall leaf decoration
- items to go in the trash on the right.

Day Six: 

- fleece blanket
- 3 tablecloths 
- christmas rug
- picture frame
- scuba gear (in the black bag)
- baby tub
- exercise ball
- bunch of thank you cards
- envelopes
- odds and ends (in the purple bag) 
- tennis racket (nathan got a new one for birthday)

I am very happy with my progress so far. The items from today came from our storage closet - I wanted to get rid of practically everything in there but it is items we actually needed (water canner, pressure canner, camping gear, luggage, two box fans and ladder.)

I now need to figure out where I can store all of these items until the end of the month for our yard sale. Right now, they are scattered between our bedroom and kitchen. Maybe I can clean out a corner in the house to put them in. We shall see.

{I just paused from writing this post and cleared off a storage unit we had in the laundry room - it will be added to the sale.}

That is over 40 items in 3 days added to my yard sale pile!!!

Now to finish - the girls closet, our closet and the playroom.

How are you doing so far?!

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