Small Shopping Trips - Walmart, Aldi and Bread Outlet

I love saving money. 

I also love getting items that our family and another family need. 

Last night, I went shopping for my friend (my side job) so I checked to see if I needed anything from Walmart and Publix. I looked at some websites to see what deals people had found plus checked out the companies websites for coupons. 

I had (3) $1.50 off any Folgers printable coupons to use at Walmart - this would help pay for the Organic Rice Milk that Harper needed. On top of that I had (2) $1 off Rice Dream printable coupons. 

In total, I paid $1 after tax for 2 Rice Milks and 3 Folgers Instant Boxes!!! I saved over $6 by spending a few minutes looking for the coupons I needed. 

Publix was super simple. I had the BOGO Publix coupon for the Hawaiian Punch plus (2) $1 off printables. I paid less than $1 after taxes for these two juices. They will be given away to some friends. I saved $4.39! 

This morning, the girls and I left around 8:30 am to make a quick run to the Bread Outlet (then stopped to say hi to Grandmommy) and Aldi.

The Bread Outlet is where I hit the jackpot! I did not know that in the mornings right when they open they sell a tall shelf of bread 2 for $1.00!!! Awesome!

I was purchasing bread for two families this week (mine and another) so this was perfect. God definitely blessed me with this find.

I picked up (10) loaves of Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat Bread and (2) Nature's Own English Muffins for $7.00 plus tax!!!

At Walmart this bread is over $2 a loaf - I saved over $15 by shopping at the Outlet.

All of the bread is in the freezer - I will pull out what I need in the mornings!

A trick I learned from Mad Hungry is to freeze your bread - when you need to make a sandwich in the morning before work for lunch - take the frozen bread out - make the sandwich - your sandwich will thaw out by lunch time! No need for a fridge!

Aldi was simple. Milk, eggs, onions and applesauce. Total Spent $6.84 after tax!

(Sorry this picture is not that great.)

Total Spent On These Trips: $16.12 

Total Spent For the Month: $24.45 

Amount Left: $25.55 

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