Aldi Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu

I intended to go grocery shopping yesterday but forgot and then had company. Thankfully Hailey has class today so after Harper and I dropped her off we stopped at Aldi on the way back home. And since Hailey is at school and Harper is taking a nap - I have time to write out our menu plan here.

{I have music playing the background and I changed into some comfy clothes. I am loving this time.}

I wrote out a menu plan yesterday but I have decided I was going to change it up a bit since I went shopping today. I may make a trip to the local butcher (for the first time) to pick up some ground beef so one of our dinners may change.

My Aldi trip was very successful. I wrote a small list and decided I would fill in while I was there.

- 2 gallons milk 5.98
- 4 cranberry juice 3.96 (marked down to .99)
- 1 apple juice 1.39
- 3 pk paper towels 1.89 (i normally do not buy these but I would like to have some for cleaned the windows this week)
- 5 lb potatoes 1.49
- 2.14 lb bananas .94
- 2 organic sweet potato chips 1.98 (marked down to .99)
- 1 sea salt & pepper chips 1.79 (treat for nathan)
- fruit snacks 3.49
- maple cream cookies 1.99 (my special treat)
- sandwich bags 1.99
- pumpkin spice creamer 1.49
- half and half 1.59
- plain yogurt 1.99
- sweetened condensed milk 1.39
- 2 bags baby carrots 0.98
- baking mix 1.99
- fruitables juice boxes 1.99
- dried cranberries 1.19
- shredded mozzarella 3.49
- pepperoni 1.99
- unsalted butter 4.98
- 2 paper bags 0.12

Total Spent: $49.88 plus tax 

Our Menu:

Breakfasts: cold cereal, fresh fruit, eggs, toast, special Saturday pancakes with bacon

Lunches: turkey sandwiches, zucchini and rice, chips, cookies and fruit


Monday - Semi homemade chicken nuggets, fresh green beans and biscuits

Tuesday - Cheese Quesadillas with black beans, hot peppers, cilantro and lime

Wednesday - Homemade Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza and baby carrots

Thursday - Pancakes with Turkey Bacon and homemade applesauce

Friday - Find new recipe to make with Potatoes, Chicken and Butternut Squash

Saturday - Grilling Out at the McGhee's

Sunday - Italian Sunday Dinner (homemade tomato sauce, italian bread, salad and dessert)

I will be making homemade cinnamon rolls, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and maybe a new recipe (unknown.)

I have spent $194.56 so far for the month... $23 of that was for things in Toccoa. We will probably go over for the month but that is okay with me right now. I stocked up on chicken and we are eating lots of fruits and veggies from the local farmers market.

We also have gone out to eat a bit this month...about nine times between Nathan and I. Of course, 3 times was over our weekend out of town. This will be changing though. I am working on cooking more at home - I have gotten away from it.

How has your month gone so far? Are you staying under budget?

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