Day Four of the Five Day Pinterest Challenge - Canned Hot Banana Peppers

I first must say that this was not something I pinned on Pinterest. My Aunt Mary gave me this recipe and while cooking dinner I decided to try it out. It should be pinned though. :D

You ready? It is super hard.

- slice your banana peppers
- cover with apple cider vinegar
- process for 10 minutes in a water bath

Last year, I canned hot peppers and made cowboy chow chow but this was way easier. I canned a total of 8 pint jars. The cans were free and the banana peppers were free! I had to buy new lids and rings and apple cider vinegar but it did not cost me that much. probably about $3!

Have you been canning anything lately? I would love to hear your recipes!

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  1. nope, no canning here but my husband would love these canned banana peppers. I like how they are so thrifty and so easy!
    So much going on here but I finally got Days 2 and 3 of this challenge done and posted.


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