Free Finds This Week!

On Tuesday, I took the girls to McKay's Used Bookstore to look for a birthday present for our friend's daughter. I was also looking for gardening books, cookbooks and any fun old books. I was happy with what I found.

I had $13.56 in store credit - I still have $0.56 to use for another time plus I have lots of books that hopefully I could trade in later on.

I did not find the things I was looking for - gardening, cook or fun old books...at first. I did find a dvd for the little girl plus cute little bible story books. Oh and 3 vhs tapes - The Little Mermaid, Snow White and A Christmas Story.

Recently, I was given a portable VHS player for the car from my Aunt Margaret. I am excited to use it on our trip to PA this December. :D

The books, dvd and vhs tapes were paid for with my store credit.

Now for the Really good part!

The girls and I were walking out of the store when I noticed a worker was dumping 4 or 5 boxes of books into the FREE bins!

Of course, I stopped and looked. I was SO HAPPY for what I found! The picture above is what I found and all for FREE!

Better Homes and Garden's New Garden Book
Gourmet Cooking Magazine
Weight Watchers Pasta Cookbook
Our Georgia (book to read to the girls)
Friends Far and Near (book to read to girls)
A Church Cookbook (from 1957!!!)

I found exactly what I was looking for and most of it is OLD! I love old things. :D

The garden book has so much information in it. I will be expanding my garden for this next year - this book has all the information I need to do that.

Also, the church cookbook has TONS of great recipes I will be making. They are simple but delicious!

Have you been able to find anything for FREE? I would love to hear!

I leave you with a picture from my garden harvest yesterday. Not much but a little accumulates to a good amount in a week.

Okra and hot peppers

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