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Lately, I have been on a mission to eat more meals as a family. I have been finding new recipes, buying food differently and even starting a new challenge for this month! 

September 30th, Nathan and I (plus Alora) decided that we would no eat out for the entire month of October. 

There are some exceptions - Nathan has two men's bible studies which meet for coffee/breakfast and yesterday we went out to eat because we had already promised Hailey to take her to Panda Express since they had a FREE coupon for Honey Sesame Chicken. 

Alora (the girl who lives with us) and I were talking about the whole october unprocessed challenge going on over at Eating Rules today. We then went through the cupboards to see what we needed to throw away and/or hide. 

I was very surprised to see that I did not have too much to get rid of. I did place our hot cocoa, bisquick and crisco put on the top shelf so we would not be tempted to use them. :D I replaced that shelf with my gluten free flour, pancake mix, cornbread mix and 100% whole wheat flour which happen to be from Bob's Red Mill! 

I did throw away stale crackers, old candy and vanilla syrup (has splenda which I stopped using a couple months ago.) Not too bad. 

I haven't looked in the fridge but it mostly has milk, fruit, veggies and leftovers. I know there are a couple things to throw away but not too much. 

I put the word LIMITED in front of the Processed foods because we have some pasta I would like to use. :D 

What about you?! 

Would you like to join me? If so, please leave a comment! 

I will be posting new recipes that I will be making for you so you can see my progress and maybe get some ideas! 

Keep an eye out!

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