Grocery Shopping - Week Two in December!

Yesterday was my shopping day for groceries and toiletries. I asked what everyone wanted to add to the list and all they said was food! haha

I only went shopping at Aldi. I am using a cash system...reminds me of my days going through Crown Financial with Nathan's family. I love the cash system. :D

Last week, I had only spent $28.73 so I had $6.27 left over to use this week. I had to purchase toilet paper, feminine products and sandwich bags this week so I went a little over.

Oh and I purchased some things for Holiday Baking: brown sugar, powdered sugar, sprinkles, pumpkin, cream cheese and dark chocolate peppermint pancake mix! Yummy!

After tax, I spent a total of $55.42! Not too bad  I will just not spend as much next week. I should only need a few things next week.

I made a menu for this week:

Breakfasts: Cold Cereal, Waffles, Pancakes, Eggs and Toast

Lunches: turkey sandwiches, chips/pretzels, fruit 


Monday: White Chicken Chili with Tortilla Chips

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Taco Soup @ Our In Laws for cookie decorating!

Thursday: Pizza with Salad

Friday: Spaghetti with bread from the freezer

Saturday: Create a meal.

Sunday: Chopped Steak, Rice and Veggies

Total Spent in Week One and Two: $84.15

Total Left for Week Three and Four: $55.85 or $27.92 per week!

I can so do this! How are you doing?!

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