Saving Money In December!

Last month, I looked at our budget to make a few changes since Christmas was fast approaching. I wanted to see where we could save a little extra money for presents for our family. Thankfully, I found where we could cut back.

FOOD! Our grocery budget for the month is $35 per week or $140. Also, we can for sure cut down on our eating out. Last month we went out to eat more than I thought we did.

This week I went grocery shopping at Aldi on Monday.

Total Spent: $28.73

I have food in the freezer and cupboards that need to be used up. This helps me because I will only have to buy basic items - fruit, milk, juice, veggies or snacks.

I will be going grocery shopping again on Monday  for a few things. I will keep you updated!

How is your Christmas shopping/preparing going?

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