Daniel Fast Complete!

Last Sunday, I finished my 21 Day Daniel Fast. I must say...that was hard! And now, I am having a hard time balancing eating regular food (meat, dairy, some sweets.)

For those who have not heard of the Daniel Fast, here is a great resource I found to explain it in more detail. Ultimate Daniel Fast

What to Avoid: 

- All meat and animal products.
- All dairy products - I drank unsweetened coconut milk...YUMMY!
- All sweeteners.
- All leaved bread.
- All refined and processed food products.
- All fried foods.
- All beverages that are not water - I drank black coffee since I purchased a coffee tumbler for Starbucks.

REMEMBER READ ALL LABELS! Even if it is at the health food stores - it can still not be allowed.

What to Eat:

- All fruits and vegetables.
- All whole grains.
- All nuts and seeds.
- All legumes.
- All quality oils.
- Only drink water.
- Other: tofu, soy products (read the label!), vinegar, seasonings (read labels!), salt, herbs and spices.

Seems simple. Totally hard. The Lord was my strength and my friends/family were a great encouragement. Especially my husband who ate a lot of the meals I ate!

My Results: 

I lost a total of 14 pounds!!! 2 inches off my waist and 1 to 1.5 inches off everywhere else!

I made lots of new recipes that are going to be put into rotation for weekly meals.

I was definitely addicted to sugar. The first week made this very evident. I was not a happy person. haha

I am now very conscious of what I am eating. I feel bad for having pizza and chocolate this week!

I had to give my health to the Lord. I was trying to break my addiction to sugar and unhealthy food by myself. Did not happen! I had to surrender this to the Lord. I still have a long way to go but this was what I needed to get a jump start.

I will be making this my daily eating lifestyle except for adding in meats and some dairy. I will allow myself to have "unhealthy" food but at a minimum.

I am currently on Weight Watchers so this will help me stay on track to meet my goal of losing 30-35 pounds.

I will keep you updated on my progress once a week. This will be a great help for me to be accountable.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions or would like to do this yourself!

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