What I Have Been Up To Lately

Life throws many curve balls...but this is a new month! I am hoping to get on track with everything in life. haha

The past few days, I have organized our entire home. I have taken all of the items we do not need at this time (baby clothes, toys and odds and ends) to the storage unit. So thankful for the new found open space of our home.

It all started with me cleaning out my fridge - I added a grey lining to the bottom drawers for the fruit and veggies...it was all down hill from there. ;D

Then I wanted to make a spot for my potatoes in the kitchen so I took my juicer and placed it on the counter. This meant cleaning the entire kitchen to make everything fit where I wanted it without everything being cluttered. 

Having the juicer out will help me in my quest to live a healthier lifestyle. I made a juice yesterday! 

Next, I headed into the girl's old room. The closet has now become actual walk in closet plus a nice reading nook for the girls.

I am super happy with the way the closet turned out. It only took me 2.5 HOURS!!! to organize everything.

The other half is my stockpile area. I have most of the toiletries in the totes on the top shelf. The cereal and snacks are on top of the dresser, school and art supplies are in the first three drawers of said dresser and the bottom two drawers have pasta, pickles and whatever else I have stocked up. :D

The next thing I worked on was organizing all the girls' toys. This took me about an hour since the girls kept trying to play with them. haha Such is life! I was not able to take a picture since it was bedtime when I finished. 

We did take a break in the afternoon for snow time!  

The girls had so much fun! It was the highlight of my day. 

Harper was so serious at first but she was happy there was snow. She probably wasn't happy she missed two days of her MDO program. lol 

Hailey on the other hand was so excited to be out in the snow! She couldn't believed it snowed in Chattanooga, Tn! She asked where all her snow stuff was but it had been left in Pennsylvania this past Christmas...for obvious reasons! 

Another major thing that happened that day...Harper in a BIG GIRL BED! Oh my word! She is growing up way to fast! She isn't even 2 years old yet! She is doing so well with this though...just like her big sister! (knock on wood!!!!) She loves to lay in her bed with her "bubba" and watch cartoons. So precious! 

The next day...friday...I was woke bright and early by the girls. Hailey and I watched the sunrise. :D 

Hailey was on the ipad while I worked on my next project...our bedroom closet. We had so much random stuff in there - box fans, lonely golf clubs, bags of papers from when Nathan was in high school, camping gear and more. 

I have consolidated all of our bags (stored in our suitcases), my maternity clothes plus some things that do not fit right now are in those vacuum sealed bags under our bed and shoes have been moved out in the main bedroom so I could hang more clothes my lovely mother in law has passed down to me. (I love her so much!) 

I could stand in my own closet! How awesome is that?! (Very if you are me...it has not been a functional walk in closet since we moved in over 3 years ago!) 

So now...all almost completely organized and how I want them. I still need to hang up some pictures and command hooks (for Nathan's backpacking gear - there is an empty wall in our closet perfect for this.) 

I will keep you updated on those projects. They should be completed within the next week. I want to be done with all of this. :D 

Have you been enjoying any projects lately? I would love hear about them! 


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