Plan Well, Spend Less {Challenge} and Weekly Menu

I have to be honest with you...last month...I went over our grocery budget...and we ate out...a lot! This is kind of funny to me since I was on the Daniel Fast...but this is a new month!

This month, I am getting back on track. Would you join me? Having support will be so helpful.

My sweet friend, Amber gave me this thoughts and doodles pad which I started using for my to do list and menu plan for the week. The pad is palm size so it fits nicely in my purse when I go grocery shopping.

Normally when I plan my grocery shopping trip, I write down things we want/need and then plan my weekly menu. I am changing this process. I will be looking first at what we have - make my menu plan and see what items I need to fill in the gaps (snacks, drinks, ect.)

Our menu this week all came from our pantry/stockpile/freezer - no need to purchase anything at the store for dinners.


Meals This Week: 

Saturday: Authentic Cuban Beans and Rice (thank you to a sweet couple!) 

Sunday: Super Bowl Party (we are bringing fruit and vegetables)

Monday: Pasta Night served with Salad and Rolls

Tuesday: Roasted Chicken, Vegetable and Potatoes 

Wednesday: Asian Stir Fry with Crock pot Teriyaki Chicken and Rice

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Breakfast Night (biscuits, scrambled eggs and bacon) 

Saturday: Crock pot Santa Fe Chicken (skinnytaste.com

* Breakfasts will be cold cereal and fruit. Lunches will be sandwiches, chips, cookies and fruit -or- any leftovers in the fridge! *


I will say that there were reasons we went over our grocery budget and ate out more. We had my Nana staying with us for a week, some birthdays, me on the Daniel Fast and I stocked up on chicken, ground beef, cereal, rolls/biscuits, yogurt and more.

This will help us to stay on budget for the months to come. To plan well, spend less!

Goals for Plan Well, Spend Less Challenge: 

* Write out a weekly menu plan and post it online.

* Spend no more than $150 on groceries this month.

* Try to stock up on free items or as close to that as possible. 

* No extra spending. {we have gift cards to use to eat out for valentines day.}

* Make extra money. {sell extra items in our home and/or babysit} 

So will you join me in this challenge? Leave a comment and let me know if you are in?! 

Plan Well, Spend Less! 


  1. That's how I usually create our menu. I also wait until Monday when we got all the local store ads, so I can combine what we have with sales (especially for produce).

    1. Since I was able to stock up on more items last month - it is now easier to do it this way. I shop at Aldi for almost everything and then I look at Publix and BiLo to see if I can stock up on items to use.


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