Daniel Fast - Meals Week Two

Fiesta Lentils, Romaine, Cilantro served over brown rice

I had a friend ask about my meal plan for the week and realized I had not posted it. So here I am posting my meals for the week. :D 

I have been looking a lot of recipes up online and in my cookbooks. Most of what I am eating though I am making up as I go along. 

Breakfasts: fruit, oatmeal with golden raisins & dried cranberries or rice cakes topped with peanut butter

Lunches: raw veggies, wraps with grilled vegetables and avocado or any leftovers 

Dinners: whole wheat pasta and lima beans, fiesta lentils and brown rice, fruit and veggie smoothies, garlic and rosemary cannelini beans over brown rice and vegetarian sweet potato chili (on my pinterest board) 

My smoothies are my own creations: 

I use unsweetened coconut milk or rice milk. 

- blueberry, strawberry, pineapple and spinach is my favorite 

- apple, carrot, spinach and blackberries 

- any other combo of whatever fruit/veggies I have on hand. 

Resources I am using:


Plus I have downloaded a couple books off of Amazon for free - check out moneysavingmom.com for a daily list. 

What meals are you making this week? Any I can use? Leave me a comment! 

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