Grocery Shopping - 1/15 and 1/16

Aldi - $16.75 plus tax
First, I must start off this post by sharing how the  Lord provided for Nathan and I yesterday. He is so good!
We got a call in the afternoon from our bank telling us that my debit card had been used for a purchase at a Walmart in Georgia...for almost $130! Thank you to whomever that was.
{If you read my blog, you will know that we live in Chattanooga, Tn.) 

Anyways, the bank was super helpful. They had shut off my card right after that purchase because it was flagged as fraudulent. Praise the Lord.

We will be getting the charge taken off our account within 5 days - thankfully it is still pending!

I was headed to the grocery store with the girls right before I got this call. I was headed to Aldi - they do not take anything other than cash or a debit card. I did not have a debit card but I did have some cash.

I almost used the cash yesterday morning to pay for my Precept Study Book but changed my mind and used a check that I had in my purse!

I had more than enough cash to pay for my groceries at Aldi and for one transaction at Target.

The Lord is good.

Bi Lo - $5.97 plus tax - Saved $15.00

Target: $6.26 plus tax - Saved $13.57
 This morning the General Mills deal was not working so they just took off $5 from my transaction! I also received a $1.50 off 4 boxes of GM cereal (Target coupon.) I used newspaper coupons and the target mobile coupons.

The toilet paper is from Walmart - I spent $2.16 plus tax for that. I love cheap toilet paper.

Target $8.46 plus tax - Saved $7.50
The second cereal transaction worked later today. I also have a $5 gift card to use for my next shopping trip. I used newspaper coupons.

I am very happy with my shopping trips. I got things we needed and was even able to stock up for the months to come on cereal.

Any good deals for you? Please share!

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