Shopping Trip: BiLo, Publix and Walmart

My excuse to get out of the house to clean my car (Nathan was going to do it for me but I thought I would let him just chill at home) was to run a couple errands to use my rainchecks that I had at BiLo and Publix.

Hailey was my helper....she actually just sat in the car while I cleaned and sang me some songs. haha She did "try" to help me with the groceries. She had a small meltdown because she wanted a cookie that had sprinkles on it...it cost $2.39 or she could eat the FREE one. I have to be honest - I took a bite and then she grabbed it fast. haha i love her.

I was very happy with my deals. We were completely out of juice and I needed something to put in the girls' lunches that was fruit - they were getting tired of berries. So now they have peaches, mixed fruit and diced apples in fruit cups!

The car wash took me about an hour then we headed to BiLo and Publix....and an unplanned trip to Walmart. Nathan informed me Ty was out of dog food. No coupons for that. He is worth the $30. :D

Bi Lo (Rain check)

4 Total Cereals 1.88 each

Coupons Used:

(3) .50 off 1 Total Cereal (doubled)
(1) .75 off 1 Total Cereal

Total Spent: $3.77 plus tax

Total Saved: $12.19 or 76%

Publix (2 Rain checks)

8 Honey Bunches Oats Energy Cereals BOGO 1.73 each
10 Dole Fruit Cups BOGO 1.39 each
8 V8 Refreshers 2.00 each (rain check)
5 Palmolive Dish Soap 1.00 each (rain check)
1 Pure Via 2.49
1 Hungry Jack Hashbrowns 1.25 (Nathan said these would be great for camping)
1 EAS Protein Bar 1.39
4 Knorr Sides BOGO .65 each
1 Neuro Sleep 2.50

Coupons Used: 

(4) 1.00 off 2 HBO Energy Cereals
(5) .50 off 2 Dole Fruit Cups (doubled)
(2) 2.00 off 4 V8 Refreshers Store Q
(6) .50 off 1 V8 Refreshers (doubled)
(5) .25 off 1 Palmolive Dish Soap (doubled)
(1) 1.00 off 1 Pure Via Store Q
(1) 1.00 off 1 Pure Via product
(1) 1.00 off 1 Hungry Jack Hashbrowns
(1) 1.00 off 1 EAS product
(2) .50 off 2 Knorr Sides
(1) FREE Neuro Sleep (digital coupon)
(1) .50 off 1 Knorr Sides (digital coupon)

Total Spent: $29.54 plus tax

Total Saved: $81.87 or 73%


1 Iams Dog Food (30 lbs) 27.97
3 Hydroxycut Lean Shakes 3.98 each
1 Convo Hearts Candy 1.34 (50% off - for Hailey's school Valentines Day party)

Coupons Used: 

(3) 5.00 off 1 Hydroxycut product

Total Spent: $26.24 plus tax

Total Saved: $16.34

{I am happy with the savings at Walmart - we needed the dog food and I made a $3.06 from the shakes. I still have a few more coupons to use as well. I will just keep an eye out for the shakes. :D Last week, I used the overage to pay for fresh produce that I price matched to Aldi. Great deals.}

Did you get errands done this week? Any great deals?

Let me know!

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