Small Couponing/Price Matching Trip - Walmart & CVS 2.6.14

Today was so peaceful...it was great...well until my little sweet girls decided to not be so sweet after MDO program. Thankfully, it only lasted a little while.

Okay back to why I am posting...

After coffee with a friend, I stopped at a Walmart to look for the Hydroxycut Lean Protein Shakes. I had (4) $5 off coupons which would mean a $1.02 money maker for each one. I wanted to use this to pay for fruit that we needed - I priced matched the strawberries and grapes from Aldi.

I had to go to another Walmart to find the shakes but I still found items I needed at the first stop. Here is a breakdown of my stops.

Transaction One (1st Walmart)

2 packs Baby Wipes .98 each
2 Wet n Wild nail polishes .93 each

Coupons Used: 

(2) $1 off any wet n wild product

Total Spent: $1.82 plus tax

Total Saved: $2.00 or 52%

Transaction Two (CVS)

1 Colgate toothpaste 3.00

Coupons Used:

(1) $2.25 store coupon
(1) $0.75 colgate manufacturers coupon

Total Spent: just tax!!!

Total Saved: 100%

Transaction Three (2nd Walmart)

3 packs Hydroxycut Lean Protein Shakes 3.98 each
1 pack Command Strips 2.94 (for a project that I will share soon)
1 pack Angel Soft Tissue Paper 1.17
2 lb Bananas 1.14
2 lb Green Grapes 1.98 (PM Aldi)
2 packs Strawberries 1.49 each (PM Aldi)
1 Spiderman Puzzle 0.50 (on clearance - birthday present for Hailey)

Coupons Used:

(3) $5 off Hydroxycut product
(1) $0.45 off Angel Soft product

Total Spent: $7.20 plus tax

Total Saved: $21.48 or 75%


I was very happy with my savings today. I did not like that the last cashier at Walmart tried to argue with me about me using the $5 off coupons since they were more than the product but Walmart gives overage toward the rest of your purchase. I did not allow for an argument to start...my girls were with me and it is not worth my time.

I have the store manager's cell number in case I have any problems anyways...if things would have gotten out of hand. Thankfully it did not.

Have you price matched at Walmart? Let me know your experiences.

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