Small Scale Couponing Trip - 2.4.21014

I am a couponer...a small scale couponer. Small hauls. Big savings! That is just how I roll.

This morning, I dropped the girls off to MDO...Walgreens (thankfully) is on my way home plus I needed to pick up a prescription. Great opportunity to score some almost completely FREE deodorant.

- 2 Lady Deodorants 3.19 BOGO

- 6 Men Deodorants 2.99 BOGO

Minus (4) BOGO Speedstick coupons (up to 2.99) from the newspaper a couple weeks ago.

Total Spent: $1.12 (all but $0.20 was tax!!!)

Total Saved: $24.12 or 99%

So happy! I still have one more coupon to use...there is another Walgreens I can go to...hoping for 2 more lady speedsticks.

{My coupon inserts are FREE to me - Grandmommy collects them from her neighbors plus there is extra inserts delivered on Wednesday mornings she gets when she does her morning walks.}

I did have another transaction but it is part of Nathan's Valentines present. I saved 100% - I redeemed 2000 points to pay for my remaining balance after coupons - I just paid tax ($0.22)!!!! Plus I received $1 RR - and have 6600 points left!!!

Are you a small scale couponer? Where are your favorite places to coupon?!

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