4 Weeks to a More Organized Home: Assignment #2 (update)

Yesterday did not go exactly how I had planned. It was quite funny...especially since what I am about to show you happened after I wrote assignment update #1. :D 

I was able to clean up my house...Grandmommy is coming over today so I wanted everything to look great. She wanted to see all the work that I have been doing...changing rooms around and organizing everything. It looks great. :D And it only took about 45 minutes! 

My goal list was: 

- Clean Kitchen (dishes put away, clean off counters)
- Put Away Folded Laundry (I got half of this done.)
- Vacuum Floors
- Dust Our Bedroom (this turned into me dusting the entire house. :D)
- Make Dinner (we took what we had to Nathan's parents house and they added salmon and dessert.)
- Deposit Check
- Mail Out Bill (did not get to do...thursday this will happen)
- Help with Welcome Bags @ the Neighborhood Center. 

Helping with the welcome bags is where the funny part of my day comes in. Right when I walked in...the ladies started giving me stuff to take home. 

It started with canning jars...which I will ALWAYS accept! Below is my front picture of the boxes of canning jars. 4.5 boxes total! So thankful. 

Next I was given a bunch of school supplies for the girls. They thought it was like Christmas. They opened everything up right away and started "making crafts." 

As I was getting ready to leave they said that the girls needed these chairs. I thought they were SUPER cute and they would like them. So of course, I took them as well. Why not?! The whole back of my SUV was full of goodies. 

I also received a Highland Park notebook, 4 mugs, magnet and a gift card to Lowe's. The gift card will be used with the other one I have from Nathan (it was a birthday present given to him) to purchase dirt, compost and possibly wood or cement blocks for expanding my garden.

So far I have not given anything away yet but I will be working on that later tonight. How did you do?! Hopefully better than me. :D

* I just happened to clean out my fridge the night before because there was a couple items that needed to be thrown away. *


  1. I always seem to get the things that people are giving away. It is fun to see what you get but also that makes it hard to get rid of things.

    1. Yeah, I can usually never say no to someone giving me something. :) especially if it is "vintage." I finally found items to get rid of and I am sure I can find more. :)


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