4 Weeks to a More Organized Home: Assignment #3 (update)

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I quickly glanced at the assignment and knew I had just enough time to get the freezer cleaned and organized! We do have another deep freezer but it is full to the brim at the moment so there is no need to clean it out. :D 

The above picture is what my freezer looked like before. Everything was pretty much just shoved in there after my shopping trips. It was pretty clean since a few months ago Nathan had to take everything out of the fridge and freezer to fix it. 

Here is how it looks now! The blue basket was given to me on Tuesday...I knew it would be perfect to store our chicken and deer meat in. I will be looking at Goodwill for some more - maybe the Dollar Tree so I can store my fruits and veggies in them. They take up a lot of space laying down. Standing them up will free more space and make it look more organized. 

The side door did not need much work. I just moved the mint chocolate chips to be with the other ones. I will need to make some bread though - the top two bags are bread flour plus I have buckwheat, brown rice and whole wheat flour. 

I still have not had time to look through our stuff to find items to give away/throw away yet. I will be working on that tonight! 

Thank you for joining me. Hoping you join this challenge. Organization of your home does so much for the function of your life as a whole. 

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