First Dairy Trip @ Walmart

I know what you are thinking...that is more than dairy. :D But I only paid for the dairy! This is why I love couponing. I can get so much more for my money plus even make some to cover what I need.


{the prices shown are after the coupons used.}

(6) Iams Cat Food (.52 moneymaker)
(3) Hydroxcut Shakes (3.06 moneymaker)
(2) SO Delicious Milk (.98 each)
(4) Pull Up Wipes (.64 each)
(1) Gallon Whole Milk (3.87)
(2) 4 pk. Activia (1.38 each)

Coupons Used: 

(2) $2/3 iams cat food printable (no longer available)
(3) $5/1 hydroxcut product (newspaper)
(2) $1/1 so delicious product (www.coupons.com)
(4) $1/1 Pull Up Wipes (their website - make account)
(2) $1/1 Activia 4 pack (newspaper - SS 3/1)

Total Spent: $7.57 plus tax

Total Saved: $27.19 or 78%

I had $3.58 in overage so that covered my cost for the wipes and part of the milk. I am very thankful for Walmart's coupon policy. I did try to get (8) Almay Deodorant which would have given me a $2.08 overage but the coupon would not scan. I will go back to see what other items I could use it for. Hopefully a moneymaker will be involved to pay for cheese or milk.

I was happy with this transaction. So far this month, I have spent $11.84 on groceries. I budgeted out $50 for diary for the month. That should be plenty. :D

Did you get any of these deals? I found them out from The Krazy Coupon Lady.

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