First Week of the Nothing - But - Dairy Grocery Challenge (update)

New Coffee Mug: Nathan had a business trip and brought me this back!

The first week of the Nothing But Dairy Grocery Challenge is complete! And I am happy to say...we have made it so far!!! I have still been able to coupon - I am only purchasing items that are FREE or MoneyMakers after coupons! :D This makes it even more fun and challenging. Plus helps pay for the dairy products I have needed to purchase.

I will need to go to the store today or tomorrow to pick up skim milk and cheese since Nathan is home. Thankfully that is all that we will need. We have plenty of food to eat the rest of the month. :D Grandmommy came over to see the house and she told me I could probably go for a few months. haha

Hailey and I this morning. We took a few pics b/c she wanted to stick her tongue out. lol

On the menu: 

1st: Saturday
breakfast: cold cereal 
lunch: macaroni and cheese with hot dogs
dinner: spaghetti with meat sauce, carrots, garlic bread

2nd: Sunday (lunch was at church - I listened to one of our missionaries share her work)
breakfast: cold cereal, fruit - I had a taco bowl b/c it needed to be eaten.
lunch: grilled chicken, couscous, cucumber and tomato salad, naan and cookies - girls had pizza
dinner: scrambled eggs with toast

3rd: Monday
breakfast: yogurt with granola, breakfast biscuits 
lunch: spaghetti leftovers
dinner: girls had hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and fruit - nathan brought home krystal. 

4th: Tuesday (we took our dinner to Nathan's parents (chicken, green beans and cabbage salad - they had the salmon and asparagus...oh and sweet tea and dessert. it was delicious!)
breakfast: breakfast biscuits (belvita)
lunch: packed lunches - macaroni and cheese, fruit, yogurt, 1 hershey kiss
dinner: Italian marinated drumsticks, salmon, roasted green beans and asparagus and cabbage salad

5th: Wednesday
breakfast: yogurt and granola (me) - breakfast biscuits and fruit (girls)
lunch: chick fil a lunch with Grandmommy (her treat)
dinner: shells with meat sauce or butter, yogurt, apples...i had a late snack of chicken nuggets and fries.

6th: Thursday (we went to Earth Fare for dinner - they give up to 6 free kid's meals with 1 adult meal purchase...plus I have a gift card!!)
breakfast: yogurt, cocoa bars (special treat) not sure what i had. lol
lunch: packed lunches - leftover macaroni and cheese, turkey sandwich, chips, fruit
dinner: Earth Fare Family Night (free dinner)

7th: Friday (i was suppose to take food to the cooley's last night but they decided to get dinner for me and the girls...haha - we ate together. I will be spending the night sunday to get the kids ready for school the next day for them in return. :D)
breakfast: scrambled eggs with toast
lunch: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit snacks at friends house - i ate leftovers from earth fare
dinner: lasagna, salad, bread @ the cooley's ...the girls had ham, cheese, apple, fruit pouch

I forgot to write down our breakfasts and lunches so that was from memory. We normally eat the same things so that was pretty easy.

{write about this food made me hungry so i went and made a fruit smoothie. :D thankful for a lot of frozen fruit!}

I have spent $11.84 so far for the month. I have budgeted $50 for our dairy for the month...so we have $38.16 for the next 3 weeks. I am very confident we can stay within that budget - plus I will have one very happy husband!

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